Root Chakra Healing Affirmation

Most of us have energetic blocks and imbalances as well as self-sabotaging habits that prevent us from accessing our higher self . Which leads us to feel exhausted, uninspired, depressed, dull or even sick.  That’s exactly where I was . Change needed to happen . My spirit needed to shift in order for my reality to change. That’s when alignment became a priority . If you notice that your life is based on anxiety or fear, root chakra healing could help. It aims at bringing a more grounded perspective, so your decision-making is more well-rounded and not based exclusively on survival instinct or “fight or flight” responses. Traumatic experiences can do that to you. In order to heal root imbalance, it’s important to connect directly to what keeps you deeply rooted. What does strong core means to you ? This is what it means to me and I hope this root chakra healing affirmation works for you . 

A strong core means knowing yourself.
A strong core means controlling yourself.
A strong core means balance. 
A strong core means self love. 
A strong core means confidence. 
A strong core means “I AM”

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